What types of investment products do you support?

FutureAdvisor offers the following levels of support depending on the type of investment:

Analysis and recommendations support:

  • Open-ended mutual funds

  • Exchange traded funds (ETFs)

  • Investment options in supported employer plans (mutual funds, stable value funds, SMAs, GICs, etc.)

Analysis support:

  • Tax-exempt bond mutual funds and ETFs

  • Mutual funds in unsupported employer plans that report public ticker symbols

Limited analysis support (e.g. SPG is recognized as a domestic equity but not as a REIT)

  • Stocks of U.S. companies

  • Foreign stocks with ADSs

No support:

  • Investment options in unsupported employer plans without public ticker symbols

  • Annuities

  • Individual bond issues

  • Margin Accounts; including call and put options

  • Warrants

  • Options

  • Closed-ended funds

  • Life Insurance

  • Pension Plans

  • Currency Exchange