Am I eligible to contribute to a Roth IRA?

Roth IRAs have income limits. You can contribute to a Roth account if:

Though target date funds may make long term investing easy, the products themselves are not so simple. Target date funds treat large groups of people as having the same risk tolerance and time horizon even though they may expect retirement 5 years apart and have very different risk tolerances.

FutureAdvisor Premium is able to take a more tailored approach, we use our algorithm to create a low cost portfolio based on your time horizon, risk tolerance, tax situation, and account types.

Your risk tolerance and time horizon helps us determine your unique asset allocation. Then, our algorithm evaluates your portfolio every day and we have the ability to rebalance as necessary.

We are able to evaluate your unique tax situation and do tax efficient placement of assets in your taxable and tax sheltered accounts.

Finally, FutureAdvisor offers an additional layer of service in the event a client has a question about their accounts or overall investment goals. Mutual funds don’t offer this level of service even though they may be even more expensive in many cases.

However, we do often recommend target date funds to use in your 401(k) or in smaller accounts, since they don’t require manual rebalancing, and can be very efficient for small investment amounts.