How long will it take to transfer my money during enrollment?

The time required to complete a transfer depends on the custodian where your assets are held. FutureAdvisor’s partner custodians, Fidelity and TD Ameritrade, will always default to the fastest method offered by your current firm.

Overall, you should expect for the process to take from 1-3 weeks for all your accounts to transfer, depending on your specific situation.

If you are coming from a large, well-known brokerage firm, the likelihood that we can use an electronic transfer method is high, and therefore we expect assets to transfer within 7 business days. This is an industry standard turnaround time.

If you’re coming from a smaller mutual fund company or small advisory firm, it’s more likely that your firm requires paperwork to be physically mailed and manually processed, which can take 2-4 weeks.

If issues arise during the transfer process, we will alert you to what is needed to proceed and will provide an updated completion date.