Empower Retirement (Great-West, Putnam, JP Morgan Retirement Services)

Great-West Financial has renamed the retirement plan entity that combines JP Morgan and Putnam Investments. The group is now called Empower.

If your 401k is held with one of these retirement companies, we have a few different connections that might work for you.

Empower Retirement-Your Retirement Plan or Great-West 401k which points to the following URL:https://participant.empower-retirement.com/participant/#/login

Empower Retirement (JPMorgan Retirement Plan) which points to the following URL: https://www.retireonline.com/rpsparticipant/index.jsp currently not supported

Putnam Investments (401(k) Participant Login) which points to the following URL: https://dcportal.putnam.com/dc-ph2-participant-web/Login.htm?site=Empower

Some employers have their own Empower website such as Empower Retirement - Apple Inc 401k which points to the following URL:

If none of the above work for you, please leave the failed connection in the error state (for the connection that matches the appropriate URL) and send an email to support@futureadvisor.com so that we can investigate further.