I still need help

If you weren't able to find the solution in our commonly listed troubleshooting steps, please try the following:

Log into the URL directly to ensure you are able to log in
Verify whether there have been any recent changes to the site
Check whether there are new Terms and Services that you need to accept
Check whether there are any new Password or Username requirements that need to be updated
Ensure that you are not copying and pasting your credentials (sometimes trailing spaces get copied and pasted in).

If you are still having trouble connecting your connect, please leave the failed connection in the error state and send an email to support@futureadvisor.com with the following information:

FutureAdvisor Username
Type of Account you are trying to link (e.g. Brokerage, IRA, 401k)
Name of the Institution you are trying to link
URL where you typically login
Internet Browser including the version you are using